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  • Running a family business – why is it so hard?

    It seems like the perfect partnership – a sibling or relative as your small business partner, similar values, similar enthusiasm, complimentary skill-sets. What could go wrong? Well, a lot actually. As Family Business Australia state – 70 percent of family businesses fail or sell before the second generation takes [ more ]

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  • Lessons from Network Ten’s voluntary administration

    What happened? It’s common knowledge that Network Ten has been placed into voluntary administration after its billionaire shareholders walked away in June this year. The move puts the company at risk of insolvency, and administrators are expected to work closely with Ten’s management, employees, suppliers and content partners [ more ]

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  • The challenges ahead for logistics and international trade in the Asia Pacific region

      As with the rest of the world, Logistics in the Asia Pacific region is undergoing significant investment and infrastructural development. This is partly due to changing population demographics and demand patterns for goods, International development of ‘hub and spoke’ related infrastructure and the increased imports and exports [ more ]

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  • Employers paying above the award don’t have to worry about penalties, right?

    Actually, wrong! The law is … the law In a recent case before the Western Australian Industrial Magistrates Court’s (the Court) Simone Jade Stewart v Next Residential Pty Ltd, otherwise known as ‘Stewart’s Case’, the court found that Ms Stewarts’s annualised salary of $78,000 failed to meet the requirements of the [ more ]

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  • Is the customer always right?

    Is the customer always right? In short, yes. I used to think this phrase was overused and outdated. But truth is, regardless of how big or small your business is, customer service needs to be at the core of your model in order to succeed. The recent customer [ more ]

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  • Is bricks and mortar retail dead in Australia?

    E-Commerce retailers like Amazon are making inroads in Australia, with many traditional bricks and mortar retailing business models facing disruption.  The question is, does this shift represent the start of a terminal death spiral for iconic Aussie retail players, or something else?   From gloom to boom While [ more ]

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  • Is Online learning productive?

    “You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant”. Warren Buffett. Productivity is real, it can raise living standards.  It can allow consumers to become wealthier and businesses to become more profitable.  And it all starts with determining how different factors of production (i.e. inputs) [ more ]

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  • Driverless vehicles – a game changer in Australia

    Please drop my pizza ‘here’ A property developer recently installed a ‘landing pad’ for drone delivery at a new block of flats in Chatswood (Sydney). So when I read self-driving vehicles are arriving in Australia sooner than expected, my anxiety regarding my unhealthy demerit point balance on my [ more ]

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  • Why Tesla’s Management Strategy Is Unique

    Unless your ego is huge or you were born like Bill Gates, don’t compare yourself to Elon Musk – you’ll feel lazy. He is a high achiever on any known metric. His claim to fame initially was he made a fortune out of PayPal. But that only got [ more ]

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  • Going Digital: Industry 4.0 and beyond

    The rise of digitisation Despite Kodak inventing the digital camera, it filed for bankruptcy protection in January 2012! It simply wasn’t agile enough to shift it’s business model to digital quickly enough. Over the past few years the rise of digitisation has claimed many companies P&L’s, pushing some [ more ]

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