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How to write a resume

How To Write a Resume That Stands Out

Create a resume that gives you the best chance at getting an interview.

10 min read

How to Become a Project Manager

A project management role requires a variety of skills, qualities and knowledge to ensure that a project is completed on time.

6 min read

Starting out? Plan early to manage your time

Here's how to manage your time if you're considering studying online.

1 min read

Where are the Social Media Manager jobs?

Ok, so you want to become a Social Media Manager? Let's find you a job...

2 min read

What is a Mortgage Broker?

Being a mortgage broker allows you the choice to work as an employee within a brokerage firm, or independently.

4 min read

How to Become an Entrepreneur

Got a great business idea? Getting the skills, information and knowledge to create a successful business is the best way to avoid becoming a business statistic

8 min read
Small house and keys

What Does a Mortgage Broker Do?

Learn what a mortgage broker does day to day including education experience and salary expectations.

4 min read

The Future of Finance and Mortgage Broking

Looking for a new start? A career in mortgage broking is a stable and rewarding industry.

3 min read
How to become a paraplanner

How to Become a Paraplanner

The demand for paraplanners is increasing. Find out what is involved in becoming a paraplanner.

5 min read

Where can a career in IT take you?

It's a varied industry with a high demand for workers right now.

5 min read

Top bookkeeper reveals his secret to finding great staff

Culture comes first for James from Vital Accounts.

1 min read

How to Become a Social Media Manager

If you love storytelling and managing communities online, then a role in social media management might be for you.

6 min read

How To Become a Software Developer

Learn how to become a software developer to solve creative problems and build incredible applications

5 min read

Awkward job interviews and how to bounce back from them

Five Monarch grads tell us their 'hide under the table' interview moments

2 min read

How to Talk About your Strengths and Weaknesses in a Job Interview

Find out how to answer this tricky question in a job interview.

3 min read
Man working at a desk in a warehouse

How to become a logistics manager

Find out what you need to know about this profession, including education and salary expectations.

5 min read

What is a Brand Manager?

A role that is becoming more imporant.

3 min read
Sitting idle while money flows

The top 15 highest paying careers in Australia

Surgeons, anesthesiologists, and psychiatrists lead the pack in lucrative career options.

6 min read

How Much Does an HR Manager Earn?

Explore human resource salaries in Australia and how much you can expect to earn as a HR Manager.

3 min read
Women leading a team meeting

What’s the difference between leadership and management?

The term lead and manage is interchangeable. Or is it? What is the difference?

3 min read
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